Way Out XII Marc Oberon
Way Out XII Marc Oberon
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Way Out XII

Marc Oberon
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Way Out XII makes it possible to smoothly and quickly have up to 12 high impact, easy to read predictions right at your fingertips. And it easily fits in your shirt or jacket breast pocket; perfect for strolling, table hopping, and other intimate close-up performing situations.
No fumbling through elaborate indexes.

No bulging pockets stuffed with tiny billets.

No hard to see revelations on tiny scraps of paper.

No trying to remember which revelation is in which pocket.

At the heart of Way Out XII is the new “4 revelations from one piece of paper” technology. Because of this remarkable breakthrough multiple out revelations are now smoother, more simple to perform, and deliver greater impact.

This element alone is a versatile utility item, but Way Out XII doesn’t stop there. Included with the set is Marc’s simple to use index specifically designed to fit a shirt or jacket breast pocket. The combining of Way Out with this index makes it simple to perform 12 out routines like star sign revelations.


“Way Out is very good and the suggested applications are commercial” – Max Maven

“Brilliant! Brilliant! Our fraternity should be thankful to Marc for first, inventing this devious device and second, for teaching us how to do miracles with it.” – Barrie Richardson

“One of the most innovative mentalism tools to have been released in the last decade” – Mark Elsdon

“I became an instant fan of Way Out” – Peter Duffie

“It is rare for there to be a new principle in Magic, but Marc has done it with Way Out” – Matt Field

Every Way Out XII set includes:

A pre made Zodiac Sign set of Way Out gimmicks

A pre made Common Name set of Way Out gimmicks

10 Blank Way Out gimmicks for customising

A quality no bleed pen for customising your gimmicks

The breast shirt or jacket Pocket Index

A complete instructional DVD