Incarnation 2.0 Marc Oberon
Incarnation 2.0 Marc Oberon
Incarnation 2.0 Marc Oberon

Incarnation 2.0

Marc Oberon
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The spectator imagines throwing any playing card towards the magician, whereupon it instantly appears!
It’s that direct, there’s no directing your spectator through any procedure to narrow their choice.
No fishing or ambiguous mental gymnastics for your spectator.
Remember this is ANY card named and though it appears almost propless you have no risk of being wrong!

No arts and crafts at all, it’s ready to perform.


“I will definitely be using this for my parlour shows.”
-Nick Einhorn MIMC  Winner of Penn and Teller Fool Us

“This trick is exceptionally impressive and highly commercial.”
-Peter Mehtab MIMC Magician to the British Royal Family

“This is magic that makes spectators gasp at how visible and impossible it is.”
-Alex Muratev  President Russian Club of Magicians

“Incarnation 2.0 rocks at Close Up ,  Stage, TV or online.”
“Brilliant combination of visual with the impossible. Tha’ts how magic should look in 2020.”
-Alex Gigauri,  CEO Artifex

“If I really could do magic and had to perform a card trick, it would look exactly like this.”
-Sam Alexander

“I didn’t think Incarnation could be beaten but 2.0 everything happens at fingertips, it’s the ultimate card trick.”
-Joel Dickinson

“As a mentalist I adore effects that involve a card being mentally selected. Incarnation 2.0 meets that criteria with the added bonus of a visually stunning reveal. This routine has been pieced together with Marc’s usual attention to detail, where every look and gesture is designed to turn an impressive piece of trickery into a miracle.”
-Adam Hudson